Let’s work together

There are two main ways we can work together. The first is through consulting services where I focus on software architecture, technical leadership, agility, and product strategy. The second is through R&D for AI-enabled software systems, where I focus in particular on the intersection of AI and software engineering for autonomous systems.

I work with clients around the world and offer a range of options for collaborating, including in-person and online.


I offer a range of engagement options, from 1-to-1 coaching and consulting, to working with your entire organization.

Software Architecture

Develop effective practices for architectures, architecting, and architects.


Agility is an outcome of the many decisions and activities that happen in our teams and organizations. Develop effective approaches to becoming a more agile organization.

Technical Leadership

Cross-functional technical leadership. Develop your technical leadership capabilities.

Product Strategy

Develop effective strategies for managing the evolution of your product from concept to product vision to full lifecycle development.


Deep Learning for Edge and Autonomous Systems

Deep Learning for edge devices and autonomous systems, including self-driving cars and other vehicles.

Software Engineering and AI-Enabled Systems

Development of AI-enabled systems needs support for the entire system lifecycle, from concept, through data management, prototype development, product development, deployment, operation, and ongoing maintenance and evolution.

Let’s build something great together.