I enjoy digging into complex, meaningful challenges and collaborating with great people to develop innovative solutions. My current focus brings my 20+ years’ experience as a principal engineer, architect, manager, and director to the development of intelligent autonomous systems. This technology has application in many domains, including self-driving cars and other connected autonomous vehicles, AI in edge devices, AR/VR, IoT, smart cities, robotics, AgTech, and related systems.

My specialties include software engineering, architecture, artificial intelligence, complex adaptive systems, sensemaking, strategy, agile development, and large-scale transformation. I am skilled at delivering great products and services and growing great teams and organizations through focusing on engineering culture, agility, and delighting customers. I have significant international experience working with and leading global teams across the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East, India, and China. This experience gives me a global perspective on business and technology challenges and has enriched my leadership skills with cross-cultural understanding and capabilities.

In addition to product development, I occasionally deliver public and private workshops worldwide (in-person and online) on topics including technical leadership, architecture, complex systems, transformation, and autonomous systems development. I teach strategy and systems design with the National University of Ireland, Galway, and hold a research fellowship with the Irish Software Research Centre (Lero). I am a regular speaker at leading international conferences. I have more than 35 peer-reviewed publications and hold patents in virtualization and network management technology.