Senior software engineering professional with 20 years’ experience implementing software systems and building agile software teams and organizations. Worked in companies from startup to Fortune 50 in multiple industry segments, including networking & communications, finance, automotive, and travel distribution systems. Led teams in full-lifecycle product development, architectures, engineering initiatives. Member of leadership teams for Business Units of 500-3000 people. Significant global experience working with and leading technology teams and projects across USA, Canada, Europe, Middle East, India, and China.

Core technical competencies include Software Engineering, Architecture, Agile and Lean Development, Object-Oriented Design, Java, C++, Python, Test-Driven Development, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Data Pipelines, Sensor Fusion, Software for Self-Driving Cars. Core leadership and management competencies include Engineering Culture, Strategy & Planning, Agile Transformation, Portfolio Management, Metrics, Collaboration, Coaching & Mentoring, Research, Public Speaking. Education credentials include B.Eng. in Software Engineering, M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence, and a Ph.D. in Information Systems.

In addition to product development, I occasionally deliver public and private workshops worldwide (in-person and online) on topics including technical leadership, architecture, complex systems, transformation, and autonomous systems development. I teach strategy and systems design with the National University of Ireland, Galway, and hold a research fellowship with the Irish Software Research Centre (Lero). I am a regular speaker at leading international conferences. I have more than 35 peer-reviewed publications in software engineering and hold patents in virtualization and network management technology.