I am a Software Engineering and AI technical leader with 20+ years experience developing software systems and growing agile teams in companies from startup to Fortune 50. I have worked in automotive, travel & transportation, networking & communications, and fintech industry segments. I have successfully helped start, grow, and transform teams and whole organizations, improving their product and service delivery capability, and helping them be more effective businesses.

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In addition to product development, I occasionally deliver public and private workshops worldwide (in-person and online) on topics including technical leadership, architecture, complex systems, transformation, and autonomous systems development. I also speak on these topics, and occasionally run workshops, at conferences around the world. You can find a list of past and upcoming events on this site.

I teach strategy and systems design with the National University of Ireland, Galway, and hold a research fellowship with the Irish Software Research Centre (Lero). I have more than 35 peer-reviewed publications in software engineering and have been awarded patents in virtualization and network management technology.

Where I’ll be speaking

International Conference on Agile Software Development (XP2021)
Software architecture and sensemaking

June 14-18 2021, Online

OOP Conference: The Conference for Software Architecture
Orchestrating Collaboration at Different Levels of Scale

Jan 31-Feb 4 2022, Munich, Germany and Online

AtlanTec 2022

At the intersection of AI and software engineering: transforming transportation through self-driving cars and mobile robots

May 16-20 2022, Galway, Ireland and Online

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